• Fast crust freeze, minimize dehydration.
  • Available as a Single or Double door design, easy cleaning access to all surfaces.
  • Bottom freezing system for maximum heat transfer.
  • Modulating injection system maximizes cryogen efficiency.
  • Spillover exhaust minimizes air infiltration, wasted cryogen.
Maintenance and Sanitation
  • Heavy duty drive and roller chains provide superior service life.
  • All stainless steel conveyor belting with heavy duty hardened drive links.
  • Snap on UHMW conveyor rail strips.
  • Service Tech friendly design makes any maintenance on this freezer fast and easy.
  • Reinforced door hinges ensure long lasting door life.
  • Flip up scraper bar for easy sanitation.
  • Variable speed feature available for top fans.
  • “EZ door” option provides pneumatic assistance for door opening/closure.

Versatile and Efficient High Capacity Freezing

Perfect for freezing a wide range of food products, including hamburger and other formed meat products, pizza and other prepared foods, raw and cooked poultry products, baked goods, and seafood products. The CSE Model TF straight belt tunnel is an ultra efficient freezing system, that utilizes the optimum injection technology for either CO2 or LN2. Your food product receives rapid crust freezing, and balanced circulation from top and bottom mounted high velocity fans achieves cost-effective finish freezing. The Model TF is highly productive, easy to operate, clean and maintain. Modular design allows for unmatched ease of installation and expandability.

Capacity Chart

Production Rates (LBS/HR)*
Raw Hamburger Patties 500 950 1400
Prepared Pizza 750 1800 2700
Cookie Dough 1200 2400 3000
Burritos 550 1050 1700
Raw Breaded Fish Fillets 450 1100 1650

*Estimates only. Different products have varying freezing characteristics. Call us, let us know about your product and we will give you accurate sizing and freezing cost information.