Innovative Solutions for Cryogenic Freezing Equipment and Services for Processors

The Company

Since beginning operations in 1992, CSE has manufactured or modified over 850 freezing systems. We have become known throughout the food industry for our knowledge of cryogenic food processing, innovation, food freezer manufacturing and rebuilding capabilities. We are the “go-to” source for solutions to complex processing refrigeration challenges, and Cryogenic Systems has customers among the entire range of the food processing industry, including red meat, poultry, seafood, frozen specialty items, ethnic foods, and bakeries. We moved into our present location in the first quarter of 2001. With over 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space and office area, CSE is located in Blue Island, IL, just 30 minutes south of Chicago.

Our People

At Cryogenic Systems, our strength and pride is in our employees and the unique capabilities they each possess. Our staff is made up of individuals with a variety of skills: welders, machinists, metal finishers and polishers, insulation specialists, electricians and others; each one is a craftsman who contributes to every freezer that leaves our plant. Our front office staff combines years of service in cryogenic food and processing equipment experience, including cryogenic engineering and design, manufacturing and sourcing, sales and marketing.

The Cryogenic Systems Equipment Line

We are a full-line cryogenic freezing systems manufacturer (LN2, CO2 or cryo-mechanical), incorporating over 20 years of cryogenic design and manufacturing experience into a line of equipment that encompass all the features you expect and demand: Safety, high performance, reliability, maximum yield cryogen efficiency, flexibility, ease of maintenance and cleanability.

CSE Engineering Services

We provide freezing and cooling solutions to meet your complex and changing requirements. CSE provides a customized approach to solving your production challenges and minimizing processing costs, and can provide both specifications and layout for incorporating freezing and chilling solutions into your new or existing processing lines.

Processing Line Systems Integration

We design, build and install conveyor and product transportation and indexing systems to simplify process line integration. We can provide conventional relay logic or Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) for ease of operation, or incorporate our equipment into an existing control program.

Field Support

CSE services what we sell. Field technicians are available to make field modifications, repairs, conduct maintenance or operational training, or just to ensure that your cryogenic equipment is operating at peak performance and efficiency. We are able to fully support all your cryogenic equipment, regardless of manufacturer, with service and parts.

CSE Replacement Parts

CSE stocks either original equipment or generic replacement parts for all major brands of cryogenic freezers. We offer a customized replacement parts inventory plan which enables the processor to be guaranteed that their critical replacement parts are kept in inventory by CSE at all times, ready for immediate shipment.

Re-work Services

Cryogenic Systems Equipment is more than a full line cryogenic freezing systems manufacturer and designer, but we also have the capability of re-working previously-owned cryogenic equipment (regardless of manufacturer) to meet or exceed their original performance, safety and reliability standards. We support all CSE original equipment and re- worked equipment with parts and field service support.