Fast, Precise Temperature Control for Deboned Meats

Accurate temperature control for bulk-packed and boxed meat products just became easy with CSE’s continuous chilling system! The CSE Roto-Chiller combines ultra-slow tumbling action with precise CO2 injection to provide a highly accurate continuous cooling process for a wide variety of meat products, including fresh and cooked poultry products, raw pork and beef cuts, and specialty meats. The ideal solution to temperature control for deboned product shipped in combos, or hot deboning of red meat. Chilling capacity from 5,000 to 15,000 lbs per hour.

  • Insulated drum for non-slip drive
  • Fixed injection header with adjustible snowing nozzles
  • Variable CO2 injection
  • Variable drum speed
  • Infeed and exit conveyors with variable speed
  • Sliding doors provide complete access to interior for cleanup
  • Stainless steel, washdown duty motors
  • All stainless steel, fully welded construction
  • Consistent, precise product temperature control
  • Reduced CO2 consumption
  • Reduced CO2 vapor levels in plant
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Minimal maintenance, minimal moving parts
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Eliminate hot spots, frozen clumps in bulk shipping containers
  • Reduced yield loss from slow temperature reduction in cooler
  • Eliminate high CO2 vapor levels in storage cooler
  • Eliminate labor and wasted plant space associated with dry ice nuggets
Production Rates RC-5 Roto-Chiller RC-10 Roto-Chiller
– Chilling Deboned
– Poultry Products
– (50ºF – 35ºF)
5,000 lbs/hr +10,000 lbs/hr
– Chilling Salvaged Poultry
– Products or Hot Deboned Meats
– (95ºF – 35ºF)
3,500 lbs/hr 7,000 lbs/hr