3TF Triple Pass Tunnel Freezer

The CSE 3TF Tunnel Freezer uses direct contact cryogen spray for rapid crust freezing and balanced circulation from top and bottom mounted cooling fans for finish freezing. The triple pass design combines the advantages of a flat belt freezer with maximum dwell time. It is perfect for the processor with limited floor space.

Cryogenic Freezing System
  • Rapid Cryogenic Freezing for In-Line Process
  • Balanced circulation top and bottom fans
  • Modular Construction
  • Easy clean side dooror Hydraulic Top Lifting design

Drop down side doors make cleaning the CSE 3TF Freezer an easy job. Construction is all stainless steel. Panels and doors are fully welded and insulated. Clamps and hinge hardware is heavy duty construction for maximum service life. Rugged stainless steel door seals endure extreme processing conditions.

Automatic Proportional Controls

Freezer temperature is automatically controlled with user friendly electronic circuitry. Fans and conveyor are operated with the turn of a switch. Cryogen flow is metered to the production rate ensuring max cryogen efficiency.

Headers and Nozzles

Distribution headers are designed to ensure even flow to all nozzles producing a constant temp gradient across the conveyor belt. Expansion nozzles deliver the precise amount of cryogen.

Optional Feature

A C.I.P. self cleaning system is now available. Spray bars placed above, between and below the conveyor belt ensure proper flushing. Sloped floors and a 2″ sanitary connection drain wash water back to your C.I.P. tank.

Exhaust Ends

Spill-over exhaust ends, provided at both entrance and exit, remove excess vapor form the processing area. Curtains are adjustable for a wide range of product heights.

Technical Assistance

CSE personnel will assist in the selection of modules to fit your process, ensuring the highest quality and most economical food processing. Installation details such as exhaust sizing and electrical power requirements can be handled through our technical staff. Start-up assistance is also available. Contact factory for arrangements.

Electrical Requirements

The CSE 3TF Freezer can be wired 230 volt 3 Phase or 460 volt 3 Phase. Other voltages are available for international installations. Each 10 ft. module is rated 4 H.P. the drive is rated 1-1/2 HP. As each application varies in module length, consult factory for specific power requirements. Variable speed fan and remote electrical panel are available as options.