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We ask that you consider these two notes of caution:

First, this section has been created for the food processor that is looking for basic information about food freezing and cryogenics. It has been written in the language we use with our customers, using terms and concepts that are universally understood by the food processing industry.

We know that our customers live in a very real world ruled by Murphy’s Law, dealing everyday with practical issues and concerns, dollars and common sense. They face capital budget constraints, inadequate floor space, overtime, safety issues and personnel problems, but they aren’t allowed any excuses.

Our customers are plant engineers, business owners, complex managers, entrepreneurs, maintenance supervisors, line superintendents, purchasing agents, team leaders and operation managers. They are all the people that it takes to run a processing plant and our commitment to you is that if you come to us with a freezing or cooling project, we will find away to make your world a little easier to live in.

Second, this section is called Freezing Basics because it is just that… the basics. Use this section to get ideas or become familiar with freezing processes, but we urge you not to use it to specify a piece of freezing equipment.

There are many, many variables, and exceptions to every rule. Please pick our brains! Give us a call or send us a fax or an email. Tell us about your product and processing requirements, and let us work with you to find the best solution. There are always several ways to get the job done, but usually only one BEST way. Whether we have a product to offer you or not, we’ll give you the best advice we can. We know that if we treat you right, you’ll be back.