High Capacity Crusting or Freezing for High Value Products

CSE’s liquid nitrogen immersion freezer combines the simplicity of a nitrogen immersion dip with no nonsense, heavy-duty stainless steel construction, simplified controls and full access for maximum clean ability and easy maintenance. The CSE Model ITF can be used as a stand alone freezing system for small, high value IQF products. When located in front of spiral freezers(cryogenic or mechanical), this model will provide super fast crusting action, providing shape retention for delicate products, enhanced yield retention and product quality, increased production and reduced ice buildup on evaporator coils.

Super-fast Crusting Action Provides
  • Shape retention for delicate products
  • Protection from belt damage in cryogenic or mechanical spirals
  • Enhanced yield retention, product quality
  • Increases production through mechanical spirals
  • Reduces ice buildup on heat exchanger coils in mechanical spirals
Standard Features
  • Double-door design provides unparalleled access for cleaning
  • Available with in-line or top-loading product feed
  • Drop down immersion pan for easy cleaning
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen liquid level control
  • Variable speed conveyor
Optional Features
  • Turnkey installation available
  • Self Cleaning “C.I.P.” system available
  • Variable exhaust blower speed controls
  • Overhead spray liquid nitrogen injection headers
  • Transition package for easy mating with tunnels or spirals
  • “EZ Door” option provides pneumatic assistance for door opening/closure
  • Forced Air Exhaust System