High Capacity IQF Freezing

The CSE FTF Flighted tunnel Freezer has been refined to produce IQF products in all segments of the food industry. Seafood such as shrimp and scallops, poultry, pork products, fruits, and vegetables, freeze successfully in IQF form thru this proven design. The modular design allows for future expansion and facilitates ease of installation on multiple module systems. The flighted conveyor gently tumbles the product ensuring IQF quality while continually exposing new surfaces for maximum heat transfer and cryogen efficiency. Product stacking in successive flights allows adequate retention to fully freeze the product to its core.



  • Unprecedented IQF Quality
  • High volume processing
  • Excellent thermal efficiency


  • Simplistic controls provide confidence and ease of operation for your staff
  • Easy clean wash thru side door design


  • 9ft modules allow off load, move in, and set up simple and fast
  • No special rigging required
  • Minimal utility and service requirements

Product Capacity 36″ Wide

Product 9FT 18FT 24FT
Shrimp shell on 900-1200 1800-2400 2400-3200
Scallop 1200-1800 2000-2800 2800-3200
Clam Strips 900-1200 2000-2800 2800-3200
Diced Chicken 1200-1800 2800-3200 3000-4000
Chicken Fajitas 1200-1800 2800-3200 3000-4000
Corn 1500-1800 2800-3500 4000-4800
Peas 1500-1800 2800-3500 4000-4800
Diced ham 1000-1200 1500-2000 2400-3000
Pizza Topping 1000-1200 1500-2000 2400-3000
Bacon Bits
Sausage Links
800-1000 1400-2000 2400-2800
  • Extended life cryogenic bearings virtually eliminates costly conveyor tear down
  • Heavy duty drive and roller chains provide superior service life
  • All stainless steel conveyor belting with heavy duty hardened drive links
  • Snap on UHMW conveyor rail wear strips
  • Service Tech friendly design makes any maintenance on this freezer fast and easy