Thaw Tank

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Shrimp Thaw Tank

Thaw Tank

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Increase Production with the CSE Continuous Thawing Process

The CSE shrimp thaw tank processes shrimp from frozen block to individual thawed matching your cooking or IQF freezing operation. The gentle separating action eliminates product damage and significantly reduces thaw time. The discharge conveys shrimp to upstream processing or into your tote bins. The optional side mount pump virtually eliminates yield loss.

Frozen blocks are gently “Hydro” conveyed in a dual pattern through the thaw tank. The center divider and dual pump outlets create the main water circulation. Ventri baffles at the turn points promote constant flow of blocks and eliminate stagnent areas. The gentle separating action combined with constant warm water temperature loosen the shrimp from the frozen blocks. Individual shrimp are carried through the dewatering grill and are carried out by the cleated take away conveyor.