Baked Toast Products

Opportunity: A Pennsylvania bakery introduced a new line of baked toast products and designed two processing lines to meet the anticipated production. The initial product launch proved highly successful, and within a year, sales exceeded production capacity! One of the production bottlenecks was the capacity of their current cryogenic freezing tunnels.

Problem: The processing area was limited, and conventional lengthening of the tunnels was not an option. A major expansion would have been capital intensive and time consuming. The processor needed a fast, cost effective increase in freezing capacity in order to take full advantage of the market trends!

Solution: Cryogenic Systems located and modified two existing cryogenic spirals that fit into the space previously occupied by the tunnels. Door openings were modified to allow access to the freezers, but avoiding room support columns and existing walls. Additional tiers and belting were added to the spirals to increase production capacity. A PLC panel was added to interface the spirals with existing plant and processing information.

Results: The equipment was installed within the peak demand time frame, production increased and new product orders filled.