Food Matcher

Thank you for reviewing the Food Matcher. This chart is here for your convenience, and it suggests different methods of freezing for different products. The red "Xs" suggest the preferred or most common means of freezing a product. The blue "Xs" suggest other successful means of freezing that product.

If you have any questions, please contact us! We would be happy to discuss our experience freezing your type of product, and discuss the merits (or downfalls) of different freezing systems.CONTACT US!


  Straight Tunnel Flighted Tunnel Spiral Freezer LN2 Immersion Multi-Pass Tunnel QTF Max Heat Straight Tunnel + Spiral* Combo LN2 Immer + Spiral* Combo Batch Cabinet Mech Cooling Tunnel

Chicken Breaded X   X   X   X      

Chicken Filet - Raw Marinated X             X    

Chicken Filets - Raw X       X X X X    

Chicken Filets - Cooked X X X   X X X X    

Chicken Nuggets X X X   X X X      

Chicken Patties X   X   X X X X    

Chicken Wings X X X   X X X X    

Chicken Tenders X       X X X X    

Diced Chicken - Cooked   X   X            

Diced Eggs   X   X            

Fried Chicken X   X   X   X      

Turkey Log X   X   X          

Turkey Steak X   X   X X X X    

Pulled Turkey Meat   X   X   X        

Whole Quail X   X   X X X X X